I Make It Worth Your While To Challenge Traffic Violations

Getting pulled over for traffic violations is never fun. The stop disrupts your day and the traffic ticket costs you money. You might feel like it is easier to pay the fine and put the ticket in your past. Do not pay the fine. Even minor traffic tickets can cause big problems.

At The Brewington Law Firm, LLC, I make it worth your while to challenge a ticket. With my skill and experience as a criminal defense attorney, I can help you resolve your traffic ticket efficiently and affordably.

Call my office in Savannah at 912-200-6326 if you received a citation in Chatham County or the surrounding area. I can help you resolve your traffic ticket — even if you live out of state.

Working To Keep Your Record Clean And Your License Valid

Georgia uses a points system to track drivers who make mistakes. Each traffic offense is worth a certain amount of points. The Georgia Department of Driver Services can suspend or revoke your license when you accumulate 15 points within 24 months. The DDS also has the power to suspend your license based on a single, serious offense.

  • Actions police consider aggressive driving are worth 6 points
  • Passing a school bus unlawfully is a 6-point offense
  • You get 3 points for running a red light or a stop sign
  • Speeding tickets range from 2 to 6 points depending on the mph over the posted limit
  • Reckless driving offenses are worth 4 points
  • More than four HOV lane violations results in 1 point
  • Using a cellphone while driving gets you 1 point on your record
  • All other miscellaneous moving violations are worth 3 points

Time Is Of The Essence | Free Initial Consultations

As your lawyer, I can challenge your traffic ticket, but time is limited. Please contact my office at 912-200-6326 or send me an email as soon as possible.